The Goldilocks Fund is an open-ended vehicle launched in 2015 and managed by SHUAA GMC Limited. The Fund is focused on making investments across the Middle East and aims to generate competitive and consistent long-term returns via direct investments in undervalued and intrinsically mispriced opportunities. The Goldilocks Fund offers a carefully balanced portfolio with exposure to a diverse range of industries.

Sector Exposure

Sector Allocation

Oil & Gas (28.62%)

Energy remains a driving force of the global economy. With a substantial allocation to Oil & Gas, the Fund is well-positioned to benefit from current demand trends while supporting the responsible global energy transition.

Financial Services (27.47%)

The financial sector is the bedrock of the global economy. The Fund allocates a significant portion of its capital to Financial Services, benefitting from the sector’s relative stability and growth potential.

Shipping & OSV (24.45%)

In an interconnected world, the Shipping & Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) sector plays a vital role. This allocation aims to benefit from the continued expansion of global trade.

Insurance (10.81%)

Insurance is a cornerstone of financial stability. This allocation seeks to harness consistent cash flows and growth opportunities in the insurance industry.

Real Estate (4.41%)

Real Estate offers a blend of stability and long-term growth. The Fund’s allocation in the sector adds diversification and potential both for income and long-term capital appreciation.

Other Sectors (2.28%)

Diversification is essential for managing risk. This allocation encompasses various other sectors to provide additional stability and growth.

Technology (1.96%)

Recognizing the transformative power of technology, the Fund has made a modest allocation to the Tech sector to capitalize on the sector’s innovation-driven opportunities.


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