Goldilocks is an open-ended fund launched in 2015 and managed by SHUAA GMC Limited. Goldilocks predominantly invests in GCC investments with a long-term goal to compound capital at a high rate of return whilst minimising the risk of loss of capital by investing in investment opportunities at a discount to intrinsic value.

Since its inception, the fund has managed to significantly outperform regional and global indices, with a 220% net return compared to a 20% total return for the MSCI UAE, 49% total return for the S&P Pan Arab, and 67% total return for the MSCI World indices.

Goldilocks operates with the support of other shareholders to ensure Boards and management of companies work towards executing turnaround strategies and unlocking shareholder value.
In 2022, Goldilocks Class A shares were acquired by Eshraq Investments PJSC.

Sector Exposure

Sector Allocation

Oil & Gas (28.62%)

Energy remains a driving force of the global economy. With a substantial allocation to Oil & Gas, the Fund is well-positioned to benefit from current demand trends while supporting the responsible global energy transition.

Financial Services (27.47%)

The financial sector is the bedrock of the global economy. The Fund allocates a significant portion of its capital to Financial Services, benefitting from the sector’s relative stability and growth potential.

Shipping & OSV (24.45%)

In an interconnected world, the Shipping & Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) sector plays a vital role. This allocation aims to benefit from the continued expansion of global trade.

Insurance (10.81%)

Insurance is a cornerstone of financial stability. This allocation seeks to harness consistent cash flows and growth opportunities in the insurance industry.

Real Estate (4.41%)

Real Estate offers a blend of stability and long-term growth. The Fund’s allocation in the sector adds diversification and potential both for income and long-term capital appreciation.

Other Sectors (2.28%)

Diversification is essential for managing risk. This allocation encompasses various other sectors to provide additional stability and growth.

Technology (1.96%)

Recognizing the transformative power of technology, the Fund has made a modest allocation to the Tech sector to capitalize on the sector’s innovation-driven opportunities.

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