Eshraq Investments is shifting the focus of its core business. Founded in 2006 and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2011, having previously focused on Real Estate and Financial Investments, Eshraq is transitioning to a directly held Private Equity focused model, complemented by cash generating assets including minority equity stakes, Real Estate and fixed income opportunities that will balance the investment portfolio, whilst transitioning legacy portfolio assets. The Group remains committed to maximizing shareholder value, with an unchanged mission to create long-term and enduring value for all stakeholders.

Eshraq Today

Real Estate Development

Eshraq focuses on the development of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties in prime locations. These developments are known for matching sustainability with innovative design, whilst enhancing and contributing to local communities.

Real Estate Investment

Eshraq manages a diverse real estate investment portfolio of income-generating properties. Our experienced team leverage their track record and knowledge to identify opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Financial Investments

Eshraq is actively engaged in the financial markets, with a focus on long-term investments across equities, bonds and alternative assets, with the objective of managing risk and optimizing returns.

Asset Management

Eshraq offers comprehensive asset management services to individuals and institutional investors, providing tailored investment solutions and advisory services.

Future Eshraq

Private Equity

Eshraq will prioritize direct Private Equity investments as its core business, seeking opportunities with high growth potential to create long-term value, with a focus on efficient sourcing and screening of potential deals to ensure high quality, steady deal flow and the strategic deployment of capital

Income Generating Assets

Eshraq will continue to selectively invest in income generating minority equity stakes, fixed income assets and Real Estate to generate reliable cash flows and balance its investment portfolio. This will be complementary to the core Private Equity portfolio, with a focus on stable dividend paying stocks and leveraging the existing Real Estate portfolio to deliver consistent returns through market cycles

Liquidity Management

A prudent treasury strategy will be employed to maximize returns on liquid assets. This includes utilizing short-term investments, hedging tools and efficient cash management mechanisms to ensure financial resources are readily available to be deployed to compelling investment opportunities.

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