Eshraq Investments is focused on delivering its strategic objectives and maximising shareholder value, whilst contributing to the economic development of the UAE. The Board of Directors and Executive Management are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, based on global and industry best practice.

Governance report for the fiscal year 2023

2023 was a year of strategic progress for Eshraq, a period which the Group prioritized a more rigorous approach to asset valuation and portfolio optimization. Occupancy rates in the Real Estate portfolio remained healthy on a relative basis, while the Group continued to selectively monetize certain developed and undeveloped properties. Other important milestones included the revitalization of the Board of Directors, each of whom is playing an important role in guiding our future growth and strategic direction.

As outlined in our 2023 Governance Report, Eshraq remains committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance in its operations. These standards are built on international and industry best practices and are fully aligned with the requirements of the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

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